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About several different types of discrimination, be it race, age, gender, disability, orientation or religion, and how it can effect a person.


Am I even a human being in your eyes? Or am I just some fucking creature?
Do you really think that I'm so worthless?
Look in my eyes.

You stop and stare wondering what the hell I am or why I'm even alive.
I'm no different from anyone, so open your fucking eyes.
I have a heart. I have a soul. I have a mind and self control.
Will I hold on, will I let go?

I want to be away from everyone I know.
I want to be away.

Break the silence with a gun to the head.
You think I'm fucking playing games?
Keep your distance before I snap and tear down this whole place.
There's not a trusting soul around. The whole damn world has let me down.

I want to be away from everyone I know.
I want to be away.
Your words, they hurt me. Your words, they make no sense.

(For every human being that exists, there's another who hates them for existing. For the things they do, the choices they make, or the kind of people they are. There's nothing you can do to change it. All you can do is be the best that you can be. Save someone's life by changing their mind, but without trying to alter their destiny or save their soul, cause it's not your destiny to alter, and it's not your soul to save. Be good not only to others, but to yourself. And no matter what happens, always stay true to who you are, cause whether you believe or not, it's who you're meant to be...)

All you do..
You discriminate.
All you do is discriminate.

I refuse to run away from everyone I love.
I refuse to run away.
This time I will prevail.
This time I won't be pushed aside.
I refuse to run away...


from Drag Me To Hell EP, released June 11, 2014



all rights reserved


Cast No Stone Anchorage, Alaska

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